About Lainey

Lainey started off baking for her friends and family at the age of 10 years old. She found her mom's Jean Paré Company's Coming "Cakes" Edition Cookbook and made her first Banana Cake. It has been a love affair ever since. 

Life is what you BAKE it!


Lainey's handcrafted cakes and desserts for any occasion.

"A party without cake is just a meeting."
--Julia Child 

A cake is integral to any celebration so let Lainey's help you with your next event. Every order is handcrafted and made from scratch in small batches. We only use the best ingredients with no preservatives. We do not use cheap substitutes and nothing gets made too far in advance so every order is made fresh.

Please contact us for a quote. We need at least 2 weeks notice and more time for intricate designs. We try to make each order unique and need time to prep and research ideas. Please be as detailed as possible when contacting us.

Let us make you something delicious and beautiful.